Disney is making more “Star Wars” and here are 7 ideas if they want suggestions

Do you need even more Star Wars in your life? If you answered yes, then here’s some good news: Disney has no plans of slowing down production of movies in the franchise anytime soon. Currently, there are five more planned Star Wars movies in the works, including Episode VIII (687 days away!). On top of that, there’s this year’s December release of Rogue One, the young Han Solo movie for 2018, and one other other unspecified story (maaaaybe about bounty hunter Boba Fett, but it’s unconfirmed).

But still, we need more, and Disney knows that. Speaking to the BBC, Walt Disney Company chairman and CEO Bob Iger explained, “There will be more after that, I don’t know how many, I don’t know how often.”

When Disney first bought Lucasfilm, the plan was to release a movie every year, following the initial release of The Force Awakens. It sounds like that’s still the plan. If that’s the case, Disney is going to need some more ideas for Star Wars movies, and, luckily we’ve got a few (so go ahead, Disney, feel free to make any of these):

A Young Leia Movie!!


If Han Solo can get his own prequel story, then Leia needs one too. Start here first, Disney Powers That Be. Don’t you want to see what she does as a kickass princess joining up with the start of the Rebellion?

The Cloud City Origin Story 


Anyone else fascinated by Cloud City, high above the grounds of Bespin? It can’t just be me. Anyway, I want to know how that City got so high up, and how it just floats. How?? Who was the first person to look at the Bespin sky and go, “let’s put a mining colony up there!”

A movie about Jedi origins


The prequels pick up at the end of the Time of the Jedi. All we’re really seeing is how the Sith caused the destruction of EVERYTHING, because you know, bad guys. But what was it like during the Jedi heyday?

Castaway: Luke Skywalker


Let’s be real, Luke Skywalker has been [SPOILER] alone on that deserted island in the middle of the ocean on an uncharted planet, so we’re guessing he’s gone a little bit stir crazy (unless Jedis don’t get stir crazy). Now imagine a two-hour movie with minimal dialogue as we follow Luke around as he does his mundane humdrum tasks on his Jedi Island. What does he even do?

The Sith


What drives someone to the Dark Side? We know what happened with Anakin, on that long path to evil and hatred. But what about the rest of the Sith? What caused them to join up with the bad guys?

An Ewok Adventure reboot


The movie, as it is, is not that bad. It’s campy good Star Wars fun, if you’re into that. How about reboot it, as some campy good Star Wars fun for 2016?

Rey, Rey, so much Rey


Everything about Rey. Just a day in the life of Rey, pre meeting BB-8. Everything about her. Everything, all of it, tell us everything about Rey because WE LOVE REY.

(Image via Lucasfilm)

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