The new “Star Wars: Rogue One” toys are here, and there’s *so* much lady power

You’ve heard this story before: A huge blockbuster — one that happens to feature a few females in starring roles — releases their line of accompanying toys, and for some ~strange~ reason, that female lead is completely MIA in toy form.

It’s happened so many times over these last few years, and we were basically up in arms last year when kick-ass heroine Rey was nowhere to be found in a lot of Star Wars merchandise. Thankfully, her absence was quickly corrected, and we went out and bought up ALL THE REY TOYS. Because Rey’s awesome.

With the next Star Wars movie quickly approaching, Rogue One, it’s hard not to think that the movie’s star, Jyn Erso (played by Felicity Jones) might have the same toy fate. But before you start freaking out, there’s going to be no need to ask, “Where’s Jyn?” She’s right here, and soon she’s going to be EVERYWHERE.


Disney and Lucasfilm have just rolled out a brand new collection of toys for Rogue One and this new lady hero is front and center. This is just the first group of toys released for the upcoming movie, and already there are roughly a dozen different Jyn toys.




WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE — and hopefully this sets a beautiful toy precedent for all major blockbusters, Star Wars or not, to come.

Entertainment Weekly has a look at all the brand new Jyn toys from the upcoming Rogue One release, and know before you click, you’re going to want to add all of them to your holiday wishlist ASAP.

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