There’s a new “Star Wars” theory about Rey that is so ridiculous, it just might be true

Over the last year, we’ve heard some pretty crazy Star Wars theories when it comes to Rey’s parents. Name a Star Wars character, and somewhere out there, there’s a theory that connects them back to Rey’s life, because we — as the internet — are determined to figure this out before Star Wars tells us. While many of these theories are actually pretty good and stand on solid, Star Wars ground, there are other theories that are, well, a little out there.

The latest theory might actually be the most out there, because it claims that Rey doesn’t actually have any parents. Because she was hatched. From an egg. So…

Reddit user starwarsfanfrom77 (we know they know their stuff, just look at their username!) has crafted up a pretty convincing — and yes, totally absurd — theory explaining “that Rey may not come from conventional parents.” What do you mean by that?

"My belief is Rey's origin is tied not to a mother and father, but directly to [Luke's] light saber. I thought she may have been cloned from Luke's severed hand, which would explain a few things but not everything about her tendencies."

Honestly, that’s not the craziest Star Wars theory yet. But then, starwarsfanfrom77 goes on to explain that Lor San Tekka (remember that guy killed at the VERY BEGINNING of Force Awakens?) was actually put on Jakku to watch over Rey, because he was part of The Church of the Force. The Church of the Force “believe a chosen one would come to rid the galaxy of dark side evil,” and LST  “lived on a planet called Ovanis where he and his people guarded a sacred egg that they believed would some day give birth to the one that would rid the galaxy of the empire.”

If you’re like “huh?” all of this information is cannon, and can be found in the Star Wars comic books, so you’re behind on your reading.

"I believe Rey was gestating inside the egg. She has no memory of a childhood, not because she had her memories lost or wiped out, but because she didn't have a childhood. I believe she may have been a clone that was maturing inside of the egg and was 'born' as a somewhat grown child. I believe the source of the DNA for her cloning was taken from the lightsaber that was found with Luke's hand. I think someone was able to extract the DNA of every person to hold the saber and used it to clone Rey."

Welp. Still, honestly, not absolutely insane. According to Daisy Ridley herself, we still haven’t figure out who Rey’s parents are, which means that it’s *probably* not Luke, Leia, Han, Obi-Wan, Palpatine, Chewbacca, Wedge, etc. etc. etc. forever. So maybe she was hatched from an egg.

Hey, it’s not like Anakin Skywalker technically had a dad, so the Star Wars universe isn’t playing by any conventional reproductive system. The answer, might be egg.

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