We’re seeing lots of red with these new “Last Jedi” character posters — and yes, we’re worried

When the title for the next Star Wars movie was announced, it took us a very long time to realize that the title, “The Last Jedi,” happened to be in red. While we honestly don’t spend too much time musing over fonts and colors in the Star Wars galaxy, this one too us a little bit by surprise — if only because it immediately signifies that things are about to get bad.

The Last Jedi is in red, and the only other Star Wars title in red is Revenge of the Sith, arguably the darkest of the Star Wars movies so far. All the other titles are in yellow, so yes, this is cause for concern. And now, Lucasfilm has released a set of brand new character posters for the upcoming Star Wars film, and OH NO THEY ARE ALL IN RED.

All the good, Jedi characters are cloaked in red. This is the opposite of reassuring.


At least Daisy Ridley made a pretty great pun: “Little Rey’d Riding Hood.”

While there was no new trailer revealed during Disney’s bi-annual D23 Expo, director Rian Johnson did share a beahind-the-scenes featurette that showed us a lot of new action. It’s very cool…and also very nerve-wracking, because there are far too many explosions in this video.


If you were hoping for Last Jedi to be a fun-filled romp through the Naboo grass, think again. This isn’t Attack of the Clones, this is Empire Strikes Back, but roughly 100x darker than we were expecting. Only 152 days to go!

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