Please enjoy this cute one minute “Star Wars: Force Awakens” animated recap

You might have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens once, maybe twice, possibly even a dozen times, but does it already feel like you’re forgetting parts of it? Is the movie calling to you… to see again?

Well, now you can watch Force Awakens as many times as you want throughout the day thanks to an adorable animated recap of the film. No need to head back to the movie theater. No need to carve out two hours of your day, either. This recap is only a minute long.

The crew behind the video, 1A4 STUDIO, calls this type of video “Speedrun.” Obviously, because they’re speeding through the plot of the movie at lightning fast pace. Even though the movies are fast and short, no plot points are left out! Their Force Awakens video is able to include everything from Finn and Poe’s escape from the First Order, to Finn and Rey’s first meeting, and even the epic lightsaber fight. It’s got it all (including THAT scene, too), complete with adorable little murmuring from these tiny figures racing around Jakku.

If you’re now in the mood for more of these li’l episodes, they’ve got one for A New Hope, too. Happy watching!

(Image via Lucasfilm)

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