This Twitter hero is currently listing off 1,000+ “cool things” about the “Star Wars” prequels

Beware the next time you are considering participating in a social media meme designed to encourage “likes” on a post or tweet. Why? Well, you might end up having to list over 1,000 “cool things” from the Star Wars prequels. Ok, so that’s not terrible, but let’s be real, it’s a CHALLENGE, and it’s exactly what happened to one fan.

Glendon Mellow probably had no idea what he was getting himself into when he tweeted the following:

For many fans, the Star Wars prequels are, shall we say, a “joke,” and they likely didn’t think Glendon could actually come up with so many cool things about them. But the number of likes on the tweet currently sits at around 1300 — and brave Glendon is coming up with some pretty awesome details that many fans probably hadn’t thought about before.

Like this appreciation for Jar Jar Binks, a character that many fans think is ridiculous.

And what about some deep thoughts on Anakin himself. Maybe this explanation makes total sense.

Certainly considering a greater appreciation of the prequels already! There are some pretty neat aspects of the prequels we often overlook.

And the prequels did impact how some of the characters in the original are viewed. Like Boba Fett.

Plus some cool behind the scenes details made their way into the thread.

The full thread is entertaining for all Star Wars fans, whether or not you liked the prequels. But will he actually make it to over 1,000 “cool things”? May the Force be with You, Glendon.

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