We REALLY want to take a ride in the plane designed to look like this famous Star Wars character

Flying on an airplane is pretty exciting no matter what, but you know what’s even better? When you roll up to the terminal and see that your plane is actually cool and colorful. It doesn’t happen all the time, but every now and then an airline will give a pretty awesome makeover to one of its fleet, and then you’re flying high in the sky in style. Now, ANA Airlines has just unveiled the best decorated planes to date: they’ve got Star Wars planes, you guys.

ANA Airlines is a Japanese airline, so if we want to fly inside a giant plane decorated like R2D2, we’ve sadly got to fly to Japan first to then fly on R2D2. But listen, it’ll be worth it. The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner has been wrapped in an R2D2 image, not just some small R2 figure in the backseat of an X-Wing. Just bear in mind the plane is designed to take you to your vacation (or business) destinations, not into the belly of the Death Star on a Rebel mission.

According to ANA, this is part of a 5-year Star Wars plan for them, to bring even more characters to their planes. It appears there’s already a C3P0 plane in the works, along with our new favorite droid, BB8, too. Just maybe don’t ask any of these planes to charter a course for Tatooine.

You can check out R2D2’s flight below, and this plane will actually start flying international this fall. That means you might just get to glimpse this awesomeness next time you’re stuck with a layover.

(Image via YouTube.)

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