There is a one-of-a-kind “Star Wars” piano, and you can bid on it

We’re a sucker for a good old-fashioned movie score. Jaws. The Godfather. Forrest Gump. The Lord of the Rings. But nothing quite beats out music as memorable and iconic as John Williams’ brilliant Star Wars score. Even now, we can hear it playing in our heads. Imagine our surprise when we learned that a group called Player Piano has not only released an ultimate Star Wars medley – but the Millennium Falcon piano in the video is available on eBay!

Before we proceed further, we need you to listen to the medley. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath.

And enjoy the musical Star Wars stylings of Sonya Belousova.

Is it just us or could you listen to that arrangement everyday?

According to Nerdist, Sonya Belousova arranged the three medleys herself, combining the iconic songs together in an effortless ensemble. Did you catch some of your favorite songs? Main title. “Duel of Fates.” Princess Leia’s theme. “The Imperial March.” The end credits. She’s also a fabulously gifted pianist.

And just so you know, she’s also worked on a ton of other medleys and themes, all of which you can check out on the Player Piano YouTube channel.

Onto the pianos. The video features two custom-built pianos that pay homage to the galaxy far, far away. The Millennium Falcon piano and a stunning R2-D2 piano. You know what’s even more exciting? The Millennium Falcon piano doesn’t just play beautifully — it lights up, and it could be yours if you place the winning bid.

So, what is the starting bid, you ask? A mere $7,500.

Okay, so it’s not pocket change, and the price does not include shipping. And it does probably get quite pricey to ship an entire piano, so the buyer will have to make his/her own arrangements. If you are living in Los Angeles, the piano is currently be stored in storage and available for pick-up. Considering that baby grand pianos are already several thousand dollars, though, we kind of feel like this is a steal.

Unfortunately, no one’s made a bid so far. But we’re sure it won’t be long before a super fan takes a crack at owning the beautifully-crafted instrument.

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