We’re lusting over these “Star Wars” lightsaber fragrances

Ever wondered what Queen Amidala smells like? Do you wanna find out?

Thanks to a German fragrance company, Lifestyle Perfumes, you can! They’ve just released a line of Star Wars perfumes. They’re basically for the adults in the world who feel kinda weird buying Star Wars toys catered to small children, like bubblebath and toothpaste and most toys. These perfumes are for the big kids.

For those very curious, this is what Amidala smells like: “notes of vanilla, musk and patchouli are complemented by a fruity top notes of apple and tangerine.” The more you know!

There are two other fragrances in the collection, Empire and Jedi. Empire is made up of “powerful chords of amber, patchouli and tonka” with “an aura of masculinity and embracing power.” Jedi, on the other hand, has “striking notes of musk and sandalwood” and “creates a strong aura of positive energy.”

Both of these are fragrances are designated for MEN, but let’s take a sec to point out that ladies can be Jedis, too. Just because we haven’t seen a female Emperor doesn’t mean they’re not climbing up the Sith/First Order ladder.

The best part about these fragrances are that they actually come in bottles shaped like lightsaber handles. You’re gonna want to use them up so fast so then you can clip them to your belt and feel like the COOLEST PERSON EVER.

Or keep it on your shelf, or in your bathroom, wherever you keep leftover perfume bottles. You do you.

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