Star Wars is releasing *40* brand new short stories, and thank you so much

Best. News. Ever. We’re getting more Star Wars! And this time, in short story form. How? A new anthology will cover stories in the Star Wars universe through the lens of background characters in A New Hope. Ever wondered what that X-Wing pilot was thinking? How about that background Stormtrooper? Let’s take a moment to ponder.

2017 is the 40th anniversary of Star Wars (May 25th to be exact) and a new anthology book is coming out featuring 40 (!!!) new Star Wars stories for us to get excited about. More Star Wars info? Yes please!

The new anthology is called Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View and will focus on telling 40 stories from the original Star Wars but from a different point of view. What?! That’s right, this won’t be your classic re-telling of a scene in A New Hope. Instead, we’re getting to view the scene from the background characters. You know, those characters that usually don’t get to talk. They’re now getting a voice! These scenes (which are kinda like authorized Star Wars fanfiction, right?!?) will be written by authors like Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, Meg Cabot (!!??!!), Chuck Wendig, Gary Whitta, and tons more.

Plus, the sales of the anthology will benefit communities in need through support of So basically you’ll learn even more about Star Wars while also doing some good in the world. What could be better?! You can grab the anthology and re-watch A New Hope through 40 different perspectives on October 3rd. Until then, let’s just try to guess what interesting stories the background characters will tell.

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