Those ‘Star Wars’ movie tickets? You can buy them today.

Yesterday, a brand new Star Wars poster was unveiled, and tonight, we’ll get the debut of the brand new trailer. Big question: you cool to wait 59 days to actually see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters?

While we might have a solid two months to go before we can see the movie with our own eyes, as of today you can rest easy knowing you’ve bought your tickets for the movie ahead of time. Because pre-sale tix go on sale TODAY!

The brand new (and full length) trailer for Force Awakens happens tonight during Monday Night Football on ESPN. Immediately following that, rush to the closest Internet-ready device you have, because tickets go on sale right then and there. There will of course be thousands of showtimes for Star Wars come December, but if you’re looking to head to one of the earliest showings — like a midnight showing — start thinking about that today.

On top of that, there will also be big Star Wars movie marathon events at theaters across the country. If you’re dedicated enough to spend roughly 15 hours in a movie theater watching every movie from The Phantom Menace to Return of the Jedi, those tickets also go on sale today, too.

And as if we’re not already excited enough, there are now some Star Wars teasers for the trailer to keep us occupied during the day. There’s one teaser featuring Rey and BB8, and this is footage we’ve seen before. What we haven’t seen is what Rey’s looking at in the sky, which turns out to be a fleet of TIE fighters.

There’s another where Poe Dameron and Finn meet quickly, and WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?? It’s so quick and it brings up so many questions, like, does Finn look upset or is that just me??

Lastly, there’s a tease Star Wars shared on their Instagram, featuring all of our brand new main characters: Rey, Poe, BB8, Finn, and Kylo Ren. Their caption reads: “tomorrow.” But this happened yesterday so that means it’s TODAY!!

The full-length Force Awakens trailer drops tonight during the football game, so get your eyeballs and your ticket-buying fingers ready for the main event.


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