Take a deep “Star Wars” breath: “The Last Jedi” is actually PLURAL

There aren’t too many Jedi out there in the galaxy far, far away right now, so a Star Wars title like “The LAST JEDI makes us very nervous. It basically implies that someone out there is the last Force sensitive individual — and is it Luke? Is it Rey? Is it someone else entirely? And, more importantly, does this mean all the other Jedi have to die for there to only be ONE JEDI LEFT?

Since learning the title of Star Wars: Episode VIII, we’ve been in a constant state of distress regarding Luke and Rey (and also Kylo Ren, sorry not sorry).

But, it turns out we might not actually have to worry TOO MUCH. According to some international posts for The Last Jedi, Jedi is actually plural, and this is very important.

The word Jedi is an interesting word, because in English it can be taken as either singular or plural. Luke is a Jedi. Kylo Ren killed some Jedi (I guess Jedis would work, too, but 6th grade grammar wars so long ago OKAY?). Obviously when we saw “The Last Jedi” we took that to mean just ONE Jedi, since it’s not like there was an “s” tacked on at the end.

That’s the English language. Now what about languages where nous need an article to make them plural?

Star Wars was clearing saving this little bit of information for a rainy day, and here we are. A few international (and Star Wars official) accounts have tweeted out stuff about The Last Jedi, where it’s clear that this last Jedi is PLURAL:

Los, Les, and Gil, meaning MORE THAN ONE.

Knowing that Jedi plural makes us feel a whole lot better, if only because it means that there’s probably not going to be a situation where there’s only ONE left (and our fears of Luke dying during the movie have just been squished, and PHEW).

A Star Wars title implying MULTIPLE Jedi is a very good title for a Star Wars movie. But Star Wars: The Multiple Last Jedi is too awkward, and Star Wars: Episode VIII — Luke and Rey Save the Day is a little long, you know. At least we can now sleep better at night know that these two are going to stick together through thick and thin and battling Ben Solo.

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