We completely missed that the “Star Wars” logo actually *changed* for “The Last Jedi”

It’s been a big week for Star Wars, with the name of the latest movie being dropped and all. Star Wars: Episode VIII is no longer untitled, it’s now called The Last Jedi, and we’ve got so many emotions about it.

If that’s not enough, our emotions were only heightened when we realized that if you combine The Force Awakens with The Last Jedi, it reads as “the Force awakens the last Jedi” and that makes us both excited, and so, so nervous.

Now, hopefully your heart can take a little bit more right now. There’s something shockingly different about the new Star Wars logo, and in our Last Jedi excitement (and anguish), we completely missed it. The new Star Wars logo is red.

RED. Red as in the color of SITH.

Star Wars has typically used a yellow-gold color for their titles and logos, like so:


When The Last Jedi name (and poster) was dropped earlier this week, we were obviously too busy breathing into a paper bag fearing for Luke/Rey’s life to realize that everything is not yellow-gold anymore. It’s red.


THIS IS CAUSE FOR CONCERN. This isn’t the first time the logo has changed to red for a movie — both Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith had red logos. Both movies are the end of their respective trilogies, and also both considered to be the darkest. In Return, we’ve got Luke finally defeating the Emperor and the death of Darth Vader; with Revenge, we’ve got the fall of the Galactic Senate, the death of Padmé…and the death of Anakin Skywalker.


Star Wars is, undoubtedly, the biggest franchise on the planet, and they’re not just going to haphazardly change the color of the poster because it looks cool. This red color clearly signifies that there’s more trouble for the Resistance on the horizon, and that things are about to get dark REAL fast.

This would also be a huge change in pattern for Star Wars movies, because things then to get the darkest at the very end. The Last Jedi might be setting up to switch that up, and actually show us the downfall of the last Jedi, Luke (go ahead, yell NOOOOOOOOOOOOO). As with Return and Revenge, both movies featured a prominent Skywalker dying (even though they were both Anakin). Luke might end up following in his father’s footsteps, if we’re really going to speculate about the WORST that could happen with this new, red logo.

If you’re freaking out, Twitter is in a state of PANIC:

But in this darkness, there is hope: false

Cool. So we’re just only (barely) gotten over the loss of Han Solo, and now we have to (probably) start bracing for the loss of someone else we know and love in that galaxy far, far away.

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