The first look at ALL of Star Wars Land is here, and omfg

Can a land be perfect? Probably not, but Disney is sure going to try — and they’re probably going to come pretty damn close.

During a preview night for D23 — the three-day long Disney convention held bi-annually in Anaheim, California — Disney unveiled a gigantic replica of what Star Wars Land will look like when it opens in both Disneyland and Disney World in 2019. To put it simply, it’s pretty breathtaking. Take what you think Star Wars Land will look like, and then multiply that by like, 12 parsecs.

While it still doesn’t have a proper name yet (We can’t call it Star Wars Land forever, can we?), here’s roughly what it will look like in two years.

Presented in the most extra way possible, as only Disney can do: With dropping a giant curtain, set to sweeping Star Wars music.

The model shows a general overview of the space, and what’s going to go where. Obviously, things will still be updated and altered as construction progresses on both coasts, but with this model we’ve got a good feel for the new land.

Nestled faaaaar in the back is the Millennium Falcon, which will house one of the two brand new attractions in the area.

The other attraction is themed around “escaping” the First Order and located more centrally in the land. While it’s hard to pinpoint its exact location on the model, we do know what kind of trackless ride vehicles will be inside. Say hello to these little beauties:

Also, not kidding, probably want to think about getting in line now.

This model will be on display for all three days of D23, and supposedly Disney’s going to be adding things to it all weekend. So each time you visit it might look a little bit different. (Supposedly.)

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