Disney released drone footage of Star Wars Land, and it’s still very much in the “what a piece of junk” stage

If you haven’t heard by now, Disney is building a dedicated Star Wars-themed land in both their Disneyland and Disney World resorts called Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Like everything Disney does, this is a huge endeavor and is going to essentially be an immersive experience that lets park attendees step into the world of Star Wars.

The land is set on the fictional planet of Batuu, a remote planet that used to be a bustling stop just on the edge of Wild Space. And after Disney has spent quite a lot of time teasing us with concept art and rough descriptions of what we can expect to see from the park, they’ve given us a great aerial view of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland. Yes, Disney released drone footage of the California park, and it’s quite a sight to take in.

Of course, Star Wars Land doesn’t open until 2019, so it is definitely in the “what a piece of junk” phase of construction.

But just like Han told Luke about the Falcon, “she’s got it where it counts.” Yeah, Star Wars Land is still actively being built, but the drone footage of Galaxy’s Edge shows us just how sprawling it’s going to be — 14 acres to be exact. And from the video, you can see that Galaxy’s Edge is far more than just a collection of Star Wars-themed rides. Essentially, they’re building us a brand new planet to discover.


Sure, the land might not look like much now, but it’s obvious what a gargantuan effort Disney is putting into making it. Galaxy’s Edge will have dedicated hotels that are meant to make guests feel like they’re sleeping in spaceships (complete with galaxy views), and everyone working in the park will play a resident of Batuu. Guests will even get the chance to man the Millennium Falcon in a secret mission and might find themselves stumbling upon a battle between the First Order and the Resistance.

So the drone footage might not be breathtaking just yet, but we know Disney doesn’t do anything halfway. This is definitely going to be one of the most immersive, amazing Star Wars experiences ever. We cannot wait to get our turn to explore the galaxy far, far away when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens in 2019.

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