‘Star Wars’ just shattered this impressive box office record

Hey friends, guess what? Due to the fact that everyone has seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens once/twice/ twenty times, it is now the fastest movie to hit the $1 billion dollars worldwide. We did it! Blue milk all around!

Though it’s only been out for 12 days, Force Awakens has shattered every single record in its path. Seriously, every single one. It came, it saw, it conquered, it blew up Starkiller Base. As of today, it has now grossed $1.09 billion dollars, the fastest movie to ever do so (the previous record holder was Jurassic World this summer, which hit $1 billion in 13 days). It can add that record to the ones it’s already racked up including: biggest Thursday night gross, biggest Friday opening, biggest single day ticket sales (Friday), biggest Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, fastest movie to hit $100 million, $200 million, and $500 million. On top of that, it set a new Christmas Day record, too, with $49.3 million.


Around the world it’s making waves too, where it’s now the biggest world-wide debut, and set opening weekend records in the U.K., Australia, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine, Iceland, Serbia, and New Zealand. The movie hasn’t even opened in China yet, which is another huge movie market (and Jurassic World opened same-day in China as it did here in the U.S., which helped it reach $1 billion in 13 days). Come January 9th, I bet China is going to be hella excited to meet Rey, Finn, Poe, BB-8, and I guess Kylo Ren, too.

From where it stands right now, it looks like Star Wars might be inching on James “King of the World” Cameron’s turf. His movies, Avatar and Titanic, currently hold the top two highest grossing spots, with $2.7 billion and $2.2 billion respectively. Star Wars is already halfway there, and currently sits at #15 on the highest grossing chart. And it’s still only been 12 DAYS. 

Personally, I feel responsible for about $50 of Force Awakens’ gross, because I’ve seen the movie three times (AND PROUD OF IT). I’ve yet to see it in IMAX, and yes, that’s going to be my next movie night. With fans still flocking to theaters for repeat viewings, and like me now in IMAX and even 3-D, Force Awakens is well on its way to being the biggest movie of all time. Episode VIII already some pretty big stormtrooper boots to fill.

(Image via Lucasfilm)