Looking for a job? Star Wars has TONS of open positions

Finally! A chance to work in an environment where you know the force will be with you!

Lucasfilm, the company (now owned by Disney) that originally brought us the epic stories of Star Wars, is hiring for a ton of open positions in a whole array of different departments.

I’m saying you could work for Star Wars. What are you waiting for? Run!


Though the company is based in San Francisco, there are a number of opportunities all over the world (and for all we know, the galaxy).

And if, for some strange reason, Star Wars isn’t your thing, perhaps you’ve heard of a little series of movies called Indiana Jones about a handsome and brave teacher to travels the world solving major human mysteries while saving mankind while still having time to make us swoon? Yeah. Lucasfilm is behind that franchise, too.


According to their website: “We’re in the business of telling great stories and making magic. We produce really cool films, video games, television programming, and ultimate theme park ride experiences. We create amazing visual effects and sound design. We market, distribute and license our products and services around the world. We’re constantly striving to push the envelope and work with the best talent in the industry.”

Some of the positions they’re currently hiring for? An executive assistant, a photo editor, a VP of development, and a senior creative producer. Go be an executive assistant for Star Wars, you guys, just do it. Now get your butt over to their site to check out all the incredible opportunities for yourself.

And if you really just want to be IN Star Wars, they’re currently hiring extras for the next movie, get on it!

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