There was a ‘Star War’s hairstyle contest on Insta, and it was out of this world

Soooo, it appears as though very few people share Amy Poehler’s sentiments about Star Wars (aka, not caring at all about the franchise — blasphemy I KNOW). In fact, the buzz around the new film has not stopped, and might even be growing. So much so, that even hairstylists and colorists are getting in on the action, as evidenced by their Instagram accounts!

To mark the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a contest was started on Instagram for hairstylists. The contest (tagged #StarWarsPopLocks) was led by a few well known stylists, like Samantha Daly, and Rachel La’Roux and Sam Daly (who share an Instagram together).

The contest was won by Anya Goy, who styled a look that recreated Boba Fett’s helmet entirely through hair coloring. The winning picture will be the profile picture for @imallaboutdahair and @LollyPopLocks (two popular hair styling Instagram accounts) until January 1st.

Check it out:

(Is anyone else reminded of Sia?) But that wasn’t the only impressive entry. Check out some of the other styles below! Like this shaving of BB 8 into someone’s undercut!  

Or this purple coloring to match Princess Amidala’s headdress?

And last but certainly not least, this woman’s glow in the dark curls and braids inspired by Yoda. All the yes.

Absolutely incredible. Congratulations to Goya on the win and all other entries! Check out the #StarWarsPopLocks on Instagram to see some more of the crazy hairstyles!

(Images via Instagram)