‘Star Wars’ fan created this next-level gaming case

For today’s things we don’t really need, but REALLY REALLY want, here goes: a PC console disguised as a Star Destroyer. Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted in your living room? Search your feelings, because the answer is going to be YES.

You know, there weren’t nearly enough Star Destroyers present in Force Awakens (not even counting that crashed one on Jakku), so this model totally channels the OG Star Wars trilogy, and it’s amazing. Modeler Sander van der Velden, from the Netherlands, has been working on this model on and off since 2011. It’s completely custom and hand-made, and everything here Velden did from scratch. And still, what’s most impressive is that this isn’t simply a really awesome model, but a real, working computer.

Velden posts to MSI.com that he started sketching, both on paper and with computer 3D models, before he started building it. When it came time to build, he spent somewhere between 12-16 hours a day working on this thing, from not only modeling and cutting the model’s pieces, but then fitting it with cables and wires to actually work, too. It’s made out of aluminum, and anything Velden couldn’t sculpt by hand went through a 3D printer. Because he bought a 3D printer for this project, as you do, when you’re trying to make a really awesome Star Destroyer.

You can check out Velden’s entire process, from start to finish here, and in the mean time, we’re going to go figure out if a Star Destroyer will work well in our Ikea-themed living rooms.

(Image via Twitter.)

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