So this is the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” scene that made Daisy Ridley sick while filming

It’s hard to believe that anything could weaken the unstoppable badass Jedi, Rey.


But, during a recent interview with the Irish-based entertainment group Goss,Daisy Ridley admitted that there was a scene in Star Wars: The Force Awakens during which she got extremely sick.

And this wasn’t just any scene nor was it just any sickness.

(Spoilers ahead, but really, who hasn’t seen The Force Awakens at this point?)

During the final scene of the movie, Rey confronts a quiet, mysterious Jedi who turns around and reveals himself to be the Luke Skywalker. It’s a powerful moment and arguably one of the most exciting in the film, since Rey has spent more or less the entire movie searching for Luke (not to mention using his lightsaber).

Well it turns out, while Rey stood there stoically, taking in the immense impact of the moment, Daisy was struggling big-time. The actress felt violently ill and apparently almost vomited all over her co-star Mark Hammil, who had just put back on his Jedi robes for the first time in 30 years.

And it’s not like she could just rest and recover between takes from her sickness. She had to continuously climb the huge Skellig Michael island mountain stairs (where they were filming) several times.

That takes some serious focus and willpower.


Of course, the heroic actress was gracious and positive about the experience, noting that her camera man had to climb the same stairs she did, only he did it backwards with a heavy camera. So she didn’t complain, even with her churning stomach pains.

Her interview answers were more of an adorable admission (and reminder) that even the brave Rey sometimes has bellyaches like the rest of us. Watch the whole interview below, and prepare to be even more charmed by the awesome actress.

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