This video hilariously parodies ‘Star Wars’ fan theories

Stars Wars fans, prepare yourselves. This video from Mashable takes a deep look at the trailers and promotional materials for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and comes up with a ton of totally legitimate, not-at-all-ridiculous theories about what the film could possibly be about.

Kyle, the speaker in the video, points out a lot of interesting questions. What is that spaceship? Who is the character in the mask? Why is that creature green? The list goes on.

Despite all this confusing nonsense, he still manages to come up with some pretty compelling theories. For instance, that robot-like bucket with a bunch of buttons? That’s probably where Yoda hides. Kyle even draws a helpful diagram to show how it would work.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this video is just one big joke. A pretty hilarious one, at that. The video expertly makes fun of how easily fooled audiences are, even if the evidence is as shoddy as this.

Despite the fact that it’s a parody, the video does highlight one important point: we still don’t reallyknow much about this new film or the direction it’s going to take the franchise in. However, one thing is for certain: we’re super excited.

If you’re like Kyle, and not entirely sure what the series is about, then you have plenty of time to set up a movie marathon before the film comes out on December 18th. All this speculation just makes it more exciting—even if we end up being totally wrong.

(Image via Mashable screengrab)


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