This new “Force Awakens” trailers has a deleted scene and we can’t handle it

The most intense moment of Fore Awakes is, without a doubt, when Kylo Ren steps foot onto the Millennium Falcon.



Oh, you don’t remember that? It’s actually because it didn’t happen during the movie. But the scene was totally written, filmed, and has now made its way onto the Star Wars: Force Awakens DVD, and this is a lot to process.

Force Awakens hits the DVD, Blu-ray, and digital download shelves in early April, and ahead of that we’ve got a trailer showing us exactly what kind of special features we’ll find — and you didn’t think there’d be any more new Force Awakens trailers, huh?

Along with standard movie extras, like shooting documentaries, Force Awakens will include not one, but seven different deleted scenes. One of those scenes shows Kylo Ren (aka —uh, spoiler alert, I guess— Ben Solo) entering onto his father’s ship. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. We most certainly didn’t see that in the movie.

The scene in the trailer is very quick, and doesn’t give much context as to where and why Kylo Ren is on the Falcon. It could be when the group lands on Takodana to visit Maz (and before the First Order starts blowing stuff up) or when Han, Chewie, and Finn travel to Starkiller Base to save Rey. Those are the only two times father and son are in the same vicinity.

And this brings up bigger questions, because why is Kylo Ren on the ship, anyway? He obviously knows whose ship it is, and did he actually go seek out his father before that lightsaber incident? And, WHYY??

So many questions right now, so few answers. Check out the trailer for the Star Wars: Force Awakens release below because this is something you need in your life ASAP.