The force is strong with this ‘Star Wars’ Christmas light show

‘Tis the holiday season and so many of our Christmas tales are about elaborate light shows on regular houses. I, for one, have never lived in a neighborhood like that so I always suspected it only existed in movies (aka Christmas Vacation). Most of us don’t get to see these crazy over-the-top light shows in person. But if you live near Tracy, CA you just might be able to.

One house is completely decked out in lights that are timed to John Williams’ Star Wars score. I mean, I’ve never been more jealous of a house in all my life. This Star Wars-themed light show is possibly the most impressive and most elaborate I’ve ever seen. And the fact that I’m not driving up to Tracy right now is a miracle, tbh.

Watch this amazing display just FEEL THE FORCE.

(image via Youtube)

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