The cast of the new Star Wars was on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and of course they covered Adele

Everyone has Star Wars fever, but Jimmy Kimmel might have taken the cake with his all-Star-Wars show that aired last night. With Star Wars: The Force Awakens hitting theaters in a mere few weeks, Kimmel welcomed almost all of the major cast members to his couch, as well as director J.J. Abrams himself. They talked about everything we could ever want to know when it comes to making the movie, and even paid tribute to Adele in the most hilarious way.

One of the first things the gang talked about was the fateful phone call letting them know they were in the movie. They all were busy at the time—Adam Driver was filming Girls and Daisy Ridley was in the middle of watching a play. Once they finally heard the news, none of the actors could really tell anyone about getting the role, except for John Boyega whose father, when he found out his son had gotten the part, asked, “What’s Star Wars?”

However, the most memorable part of the night had to be when Harrison Ford and Chewbacca acted out a heartbreaking rendition of Adele’s “Hello.” Despite their differences, something to do with Chewbacca taking Harrison Ford’s wife (we won’t ask), the two remembered all their good times over perhaps the most tear-jerking, memory-inducing song of the year.

Watch the full clip below!

(Image via YouTube)