Today’s bummer “Star Wars” news: “The Last Jedi” *is* going through reshoots because of Carrie Fisher’s death

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in 293 days, but it sounds like the film isn’t actually done filming yet. Thanks to a rumor making its way across the internet right now, The Last Jedi is getting ready to go through some reshoots (uh oh), and it’s for the most heartbreaking reason: Carrie Fisher.

Carrie passed away in late December 2016, and at the time, it was announced that yes, she had completed all of her filming for The Last Jedi. But, what about the Star Wars movie(s) after that? Disney and Lucasfilm had a meeting in January, where it was assumed the Star Wars brain trust gathered together and figured out what to do with Princess General Leia for The Last Jedi, and also, Star Wars: Episode IX. 

At the time, it sounded like nothing for The Last Jedi would need to be reworked for our General. However now, it seems that’s not the case anymore. According to Project Casting (a casting agency), there’s an open call out for extras in in Edinburgh and Scotland for “walk-on roles.” They’re looking for actors between the ages of 16 and 90 (okay, sure), and filming will take place from March onward. (Also, since you’re probably wondering, YES, the shoot is catered, so free Star Wars food!)

As we’ve recently learned when it comes to Star Wars, reshoots are common. Every movie in Hollywood goes through reshoots after they’ve wrapped filming. But, YouTuber Mike Zeroh, (who has Star Wars sources) suggests that these reshoots are actually directly related to Carrie.

"It has been rumored that some of Carrie Fisher's major scenes from Episode VIII will be cut from the film," he explains in his video. "I think that what they're going to be doing is modifying the scenes perhaps to make them all the more special and... bring an interesting tribute to her as a person."

Though not confirmed, it’s believed that Carrie had TWO big scenes coming up: A reunion with her brother, Luke, and one with her son, Ben Kylo Ren. One (or even both of them) might have been filmed and will be included in The Last Jedi — but maybe not anymore. It’s impossible to figure out what will be included in the reshoots, or even if any of the other main cast members will be there. Right now, all signs point to them being for Carrie.

Or, these reshoots could have nothing to do with Carrie’s passing, and it’s simply to add in more scenes of people cheering for Poe Dameron or something IDK. We’ll find out December 15th.

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