Whoa, the new ‘Star Wars’ is on track to be the biggest movie ever

It seems that every fear years a movie comes along and smashes all kinds of box office records. Not adjusting for inflation — because if we adjust for inflation we’ll be here all day — for a very long time, Titanic held the top spot for highest grossing movie ever. Then along came Avatar, and sunk it. It looked like The Avengers was slowly creeping up on these two, but it fell short at #3. And then Jurassic World roared into theaters, and knocked Iron Man down a peg.

However, it sounds like soon, there will be a new box office champ in town, and its name is The Force Awakens. With still 27 days to go before the film’s release, the new Star Wars movie is shattering records left and right, and this is all due to advance ticket sales. Star Wars hasn’t even opened yet, and it’s already made more than many films during their own opening weekends!

According to new reports, the numbers have been crunched and it appears as if Star Wars has made well over $50 million at the box office. IMAX — which is responsible for roughly one third of advanced ticket sales — says their total is close to $18 million. And remember, no one has even seen this movie yet. We barely know the plot! Yet fans are flocking to the theaters to snatch up tickets so it can be seen one, two, even 15 times during its first week.

Online ticket-seller Fandango reports that The Force Awakens has already beat out every other pre-sale movie ever. This is not hard to believe. Did you try to buy your advanced tickets the night they came out, and had to deal with websites that constantly crashed, or didn’t even work? I did! So hearing that it’s the best-selling pre-release movie makes complete sense.

But can it beat Avatar? Avatar has a gross of $2.7 billion dollars worldwide, and during it’s opening weekend took in $77 million. Not to brag on behalf of Star Wars or anything, but already it’s tracking bigger than that. As long as it stays on target, soon we’ll have a new top movie in town.

(Image via Lucasfilm.)

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