Hey, “Star Wars,” here are 23 better names for the new stand-alone Han Solo movie

In case you’ve been away from your computer scavenging scraps on Jakku, chances are you’ve heard that Lucasfilm has officially named its upcoming Han Solo standalone film. This morning, director Ron Howard took to Twitter to share that the untitled film will officially be called Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s…fine.

Listen, it’s not that it’s a bad name per say, but the Star Wars franchise is known for poetic and ominous titles, so let’s face it: Solo is kind of obvious and bland. Plus, when the previous standalone film has a dope name like Rogue One, you gotta up the stakes a *little* bit.

We spent a lot of time thinking about potential names for the Han Solo project this morning and together (shout out to Entertainment Editor Rachel and Assistant Entertainment Editor Molly, who both love a really good Fast and Furious pun), we came up with a series of alternative names for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Here are 23 of our favorite and most bizarre alternative names for Solo:

1. Han Solo: Shot First
2. Never Tell Me the Odds: A Star Wars Story
3. I Am Not a Nerf Herder: A Star Wars Story
4. Corellian Boogie Nights
5. 1 Han 1 Solo
6. Han Solo: Corellian Drift
7. The Han and the Solo
6. Solo 5
9. The Fate of the Solo
10. Hyperdrive Prelude
11. Journey 2 the Millennium Falcon
12. I Know What I’m Doing: A Star Wars Story
13. Casino 2: Corellian Spike
14. A Tale of Two Smugglers
15. Han Solo and the First Crusade
16. 5 BBY: A Star Wars Story
17. Of Dice and Men: A Millennium Falcon Story
18. Guess Who Made the Kessel Run in Under 12 Parsecs: A Star Wars Story
19. Dirty Dancing 3: Stenness Nights
20. Yahoo!: An Intergalactic Smuggler’s Story
21. Laugh it Up, Fuzzball: A Star Wars BFF Story
22. Untitled Han Solo Film
23. Rogue Two: A Star Wars Story

Feel free to borrow any of these, Lucasfilm!

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