The ‘Star Wars’ trilogy just got a star-studded bad lip reading

Are these the Star Wars clips your were looking for? Even if they’re not, you’re going to watch to check them out. Our friends over at Bad Lip Reading have pulled out all the stops and left no silly thing unsaid when it comes to re-dubbing over the original Star Wars trilogy. It’s the Star Wars we know and love… now it just sounds completely different.

It also sound a lot like Jack Black, Maya Rudolph, and Bill Hader who lend their voices to the videos for even more hilarious effect. The fact that many characters — from Darth Vader to the stormtroopers — have their faces completely obstructed make for SO MANY MORE jokes. Those guys could literally be saying anything. Who’s to say we know for sure that when Obi-Wan and Luke are stopped, the stormtroopers aren’t collecting money for the Jawa orphanage? They could be. We don’t see their lips move.

Just like the actual trilogy, the bad-lip reading for Empire Strikes back is by far the best out of the three videos. The reason is simple: Luke sings along to his fighter tunes while on Hoth, and Yoda sets the mood with some sort of disco-esque beat when Luke shows up later at his front door.

And let’s hope Vader doesn’t get Lando’s pelican! Or that horse named Donnie!

Check out the one for Empire below, and A New Hope and Return of the Jedi here. And may the Force be with you I bought a Frisbee once.

(Image via Lucasfilm.)

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