This ‘Star Wars’ actor just penned the most moving letter to a grieving fan

Over the next month be prepared for lots of different Star Wars feels, and this next one is going to pull on absolutely all your heart strings. Grab some tissues.

Recently, a young 7-year-old boy, Sam, passed away. His older sister wrote about his passing on Reddit, saying, “While he may have only been here for a short time in retrospect, he lived more than most adults I know. And boy, did he love Star Wars. The Force was definitely strong with this one.” Sam and his best friend, Liam, had planned to see The Force Awakens on Christmas Day of this year, and sadly, that can no longer happen.

Sam’s sister’s story on Reddit started making the rounds on the Internet, when someone very familiar with Star Wars happened to come across it. Peter Mayhew, who has played Chewbacca in every single Star Wars movie to date, read Sam’s story and wanted to reach out to Liam. So, on some Star Wars stationary, Mayhew wrote a beautiful and sweet letter to the little boy who no longer has his best friend about what it’s like to lose someone and move on.

Mayhew apologizes to Liam for the fact that he can’t go see the movie with Sam anymore, writing, “best friends are never really gone, they live on forever in our hearts and memories.” After sending his letter, Mayhew talked to Radio Times about it, mentioning that Liam’s grandmother is a family friend, and hopes that his “words were of some comfort to him.”

Hopefully it was comforting to Liam, and right now it’s bringing tears to our eyes. Check out Mayhew’s moving letter below.

(Image via Lucasfilm)

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