Staples (the store) is also really fond of Kris Jenner’s office supply chic necklace


Remember yesterday when we found out that Kris Jenner is selling a necklace called “Elegance” for $175 that is made out of paperclips? false

Yeah, how could you forget? Well, today in “LOL, what a world,” we’ve learned that Staples (the office supply store) is DOWN for Kris Jenner‘s promotion of office chic.

As a refresher, here’s how her website describes the sort of bizarre material choice:

And here is the cheeky Staples’ response (also, interesting fun fact this is from Staples CANADA. WHO KNEW THEY HAD SO MUCH SASS?): false

At any rate, people are going WILD over Staples’ response. false false false

It’s all in good fun. Keep doing you, Kris.

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