Stanford rapist Brock Turner will be released this Friday

This year’s Stanford rape case was undeniably one that shook the nation, not because sexual violence on our college campuses is rare (unfortunately, it’s all too common), but because of how vocal the survivor was about the trauma she experienced. Everyone from Joe Biden to Roxane Gay to Channing Tatum spoke out in support of her case, and, as a result, we were hopeful that her rapist, Brock Turner, would actually be fittingly punished for his horrendous crime.

Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. Though he was banned from all USA swim team events, the punishment Brock Turner was given was hardly punishment at all, and now he’s to be released.

Brock Turner is getting out of jail EARLY, despite raping someone.

On Friday. Brock Turner will be allowed to re-enter our society as if he did nothing wrong, or as if the negligible amount of time he served in jail was anything close to the trauma faced by the Stanford Survivor.

Though many, including his father, believed any punishment was too close to destroying his “bright future,” it’s careless and dangerous to argue that a rapist being served a reasonable punishment could ever come close to what it’s like to be a victim or survivor of sexual violence.

People are extremely upset, and rightfully so.



This isn’t how things should work. It simply isn’t fair, and our hearts go out to her, and our rage goes toward pushing the system to change.