All the phases of starting a new relationship

What’s  more terrifying than diving head first into a new relationship? Maybe realizing you’ve run out of Oreos or finding a nest of giant spiders under your bed. But there’s also few things as exciting as starting a whole new adventure with someone you really, really like (such as going to the Magical World of Harry Potter for the first time or finding out the third season of New Girl is on Netflix).
New relationships are kind of like a new pair of shoes. There are certain phases that one goes through pretty much every time they get a new pair. Here are all the stages of falling head over heels for someone.

At first, you can’t believe how unbelievably perfect that person is

For instance, during the first few weeks after you make the big purchase on those beautiful sling backs or super cool running shoes, you are all about those new shoes, wearing then with anything and everything that’s in your closet. You can’t get enough of your shoes, sometimes daydreaming about the next time you will see them. This is by far the most exhilarating, exciting, nerve-wracking part of a relationship. You are still getting to know one another, their quirks, their hobbies, the way their face turns slightly pink every time they laugh. In your eyes, they’re the ideal match and you can’t wait to see what happens next!

You get nervous about always saying the exact right thing To continue the metaphor: When you first buy a pair of shoes, you are extremely careful when wearing or handling them; you don’t want to make a wrong move or take the wrong step for fear of getting them dirty or damaged. It’s normal in any new relationship to get nervous about possibly doing or saying something that will hurt the bond that you’ve just formed with this other person. You’re careful not to reveal too much, too soon (like the way you have to sleep with your socks on or the way Disney movies still make you cry. You don’t want to do anything to ruffle feathers, to change this perfectness that is going on.You realize that it’s OK not to say the exact right thing After a while however, you begin to feel more comfortable. You aren’t as worried about calling or texting. You relax a bit more and settle into a routine. You and your SO begin to understand each other on a deeper level. You get each other and aren’t afraid to be your true selves around one another. Even if that means walking around the house with no make-up in your sweatpants, or just being a complete goofball. We all do it, guys. We all do it. You start making plans for the near future with your new person  After having a trusty pair of shoes for a good while, you can’t imagine ever having lived your life without them. The same goes with your relationships. You begin to accumulate experiences and memories with them and you start to think of them as more than just the person you’re seeing. You’re more invested on this other person at this point which makes it all the more difficult to envision not having them in your life. Whether it’s a promising first date or three weeks down the line, the chances of those oh-my-gosh-what-if-I-do-something-to-royally-embarrass-myself feelings are very real. When you’re in the first two phases of a new relationship, you’re going to constantly be nervous: trying not to burp [too loud] in front of them, specifically not eating BBQ ribs around in front of them (there is NO cute way to eat ribs), and always worrying about how many “dad jokes” are too many (trick question: you can never tell too many ‘dad jokes’). On the flip side, there’s is the incredibly amazing feeling you get when you first start a new relationship. . More exhilarating than going down that roller-coaster with your hands up in the air. More thrilling than finding out that shirt you were drooling over for so long finally went on sale. Those permanent butterflies will never get annoying, the feeling of their hand in yours will always make you smile and the way they look at you will continuously make you melt. Everyday with them is the beginning of some new, thrill-seeking ride. The mystery, the intrigue, the newness of it all is enthralling; you aren’t yet in a routine and you aren’t so in-sync yet that you’ll know what they’ll do or say next–it’s the unknown! And it’s so very exciting!

In fact, I think it’s in a way crucial that you have those butterflies, those palm sweats, those oh-my-gosh-what-if-I-do-something-to-royally-embarrass-myself feelings about a person. It means you like them, you’re invested in them, you care enough about them to butterfly, sweat, oh-my-gosh yourself. So get out there! Take a deep breath, and jump! You never know what you might find waiting for you on the other side. Related Stories:

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