9 stages every cat owner goes through when leaving for vacation

Vacation means temporarily escaping all of your responsibilities, even if one of those responsibilities is your pet. When we cat owners jet off to the beach or the slopes, we’re leaving behind a very important member of our family, and that takes some adjusting! While it’s still possible to enjoy our vacation, a little piece of our heart is still back in whatever bed or box our furry friend has curled up in.

Here are the nine stages every cat owner goes through when they’re leaving their kitty for vacation:

Stage One: Preparation

You try to act casual even though you’re secretly devastated that you have to say goodbye soon.


Stage Two: The Goodbye

You try to have a heartfelt goodbye, but she barely gives you the time of day.


Stage Three: Nostalgia

Let’s be real, the whole Uber ride to the airport is spent scrolling through your cute Instagram photos together.

Stage Four: Wonder

You can’t stop picturing what she gets up to while you’re away.





Stage Five: A Moment of Weakness

You ask your friend to check in and send you pictures … but their bond just isn’t the same. false

Stage Six: Brooding

Wouldn’t this vacation be so much better if you had brought your cat with you?


…probably not.


Stage Seven: Excitement

Vacation is almost over and you can’t stop thinking about your furry reunion.


Stage Eight: Reuniting

What you think your reunion will be like:


What your reunion actually is like:


Stage Nine: Back To Normal

That’s okay, because you still love her so much anyways.