St. Vincent helped waitress at her sister’s Dallas restaurant, and now we’re going to Dallas

When you go out to eat, be it at your favorite sushi place or pizza joint, your server is most likely not a Grammy-winning musician.

Annie Clark, popularly known as St. Vincent, is one of those exceptions: this weekend, she waited tables at Resident Taqueria, as reported by Cosmopolitan. The Dallas restaurant is owned by her sister and brother-in-law, and opened its doors this Thursday.

The taqueria, which is adorned with vibrant décor and pineapple centerpieces (!!!) is mega adorable. Best of all? The menu is super affordable, so if you’re on a budget and craving Mexican food, come on over to Resident Taqueria.

Clark told the world that she would be present for the opening on her Instagram account with a picture Friday captioned, “Hello, Dallas!!!!” and tagging the restaurant. As only a supportive sister would do.

However, she did not mention that she would be working at the time. Instagram user kkdubya originally uploaded the photo, and we’re kind of really jealous she not only got to hang out with Annie Clark –but probably nom on some delicious food with her as well. Also, guys? Annie Clark makes the most adorable server (and she’s probably really good at it too, because everything Annie Clark touches is diamonds). 

The restaurant already had created some buzz, helped in part by chef Andrew Savoie’s great credentials. Guests took to social media to say they saw Clark taking orders, clearing tables, and refilling sundries: in other words, doing the job of a server. However, it sounds like she did a really great job, and not just by being a super supportive, awesome sister.

While we’re definitely sad that we probably missed our window to have St. Vincent herself serve us chorizo tacos and micheladas (sad, sad day), we’re making sure to remember Resident Taqueria in case we can ever realize our dream of roadtripping to Dallas and eating at the restaurant St. Vincent once served at.

(Images via Instagram)