Sriracha seasoning stix are here, so you can flavor your food with Sriracha before you cover it in Sriracha

Sriracha fans, we’ve got some big news for you: You can now get your hands on Sriracha Seasoning Stix. Dedicated fans already know that using Sriracha on any food levels up the taste factor instantly. But lately, the spicy blend is getting some major spotlight. It seems more and more people are catching on to the trend. Thank god for that, because the makers of our favorite secret sauce are innovating the world of our tastebuds in some major new ways. Get ready for Sriracha Seasoning Stix!

The demand is there, and luckily the company is stepping up to put some bold flavors onto your plate. The Sriracha Stix launch is especially exciting, because this new formulation makes it super easy to spice up your cooking with a spicy kick. There are four different types available online, with different flavor emphasis in each of them. The possibilities are truly limitless with Sriracha Stix — you can add them into anything you’ve got cooking and reap the rewards.


Confused on how to add these little sticks of Sriracha spice into your culinary routines? Here’s how the company describes it in their press release:

"We mix herbs, spices and other ingredients with genuine Huy Fong Foods, Inc. Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce and compress it into these solid little Stix. When inserted into meat, fish & poultry, your normal cooking process transforms the Stix into a liquid, which is absorbed by the meat to create flavors never before possible!"

Yeah, you got that right — they season your food from the inside out. Nothing could be better. Maybe the best thing about them is they’re affordable — just $9 a pack! There’s still one month of summer left, so you’ve got time to spice up your backyard BBQs with this stick-sized trick. But don’t worry, there’s nothing strictly seasonal about these bad boys — looks like they’re going to be available year-round for all your Sriracha-flavored needs. Stock up, Sriracha fiends!