This squishy furniture is the calming art we didn’t know we needed

We’re so into the bizarrely calming. In this super hectic world, sometimes all we want is a feed to scroll through and chill TF out. And we definitely lucked out with this one! This super squishy furniture is SO weird in the *best* way. Created by furniture designer Annie Evelyn, these pieces “incorporate joy, laughter, and the unexpected in non-traditional upholstery.” And do they ever. In short, the New Colony Furniture line works like this: you push on them, and they bounce back, and it’s the most beautiful, super calming movement in the world. You have to see it to believe it.

Like, guys. How calming is this?

Seriously so bizarrely chill. We love this calming art.

And trippy AF.

We can’t get over this.

But also so, so beautiful.

We love, love, love every single piece of super, super calming art.