This squirrel drinking a McDonald’s milkshake is all of us on a Saturday night

At the end of a long night out on the town, all I want is something fried, something sweet, and a nice warm bed to pass out in once I’m done consuming both. As it turns out, I’m not alone in these desires — and this video of a squirrel desperately trying to get the last few sips of a McDonald’s milkshake is proof.

Uploaded by YouTube user Taman Anggur, the video features a tiny squirrel doing its best to derive sweet sustenance from the bottom of a plastic cup, which appears to have once housed a strawberry milkshake. Of course, there isn’t much left for the furry creature to drink — but that doesn’t keep it from giving up on its dreams.

Unlike the Shake Shack-drinking squirrel that went viral last year, this one clearly doesn’t mind chugging something a little more affordable. We’ve definitely been there, squirrel.