Couple rescues injured squirrel, invites him to live in their Christmas tree

Remember that scene in Christmas Vacation where a squirrel takes up residence in the Griswolds’ Christmas tree and then creates all sorts of drama and general insanity? Of course you do.

As it turns out, a squirrel living in a Christmas tree is now a real, actual thing. Except the only thing the real Christmas-loving squirrel is wrecking is our hearts.

Reddit user carefree_dude and his wife rescued an injured squirrel and have been gently nursing him back to health.

On Reddit, he explains,

Apparently, that good life includes chilling in the Christmas tree, because four days ago, Chris posted the following photo and captioned it, “There’s a squirrel in my Christmas tree.”

The cuteness! Our hearts are exploding into candy canes. As if this squirrel wasn’t adorable enough already, he’s now been named Mittens. (Heart emoticons forever.) Mittens is a lucky squirrel to be saved by such an awesome family. The furry little guy looks like he’s feeling much better. He also looks happy and comfortable up in that fir tree. Apparently that’s the case, because Chris posted another picture two days later with the caption, “There is STILL a squirrel in my Christmas tree.”

We have a feeling Mittens might be dreading New Year’s Day, when the tree is likely to come down. Take heart, Mittens. On Reddit, Chris wrote, “We are building a five-foot by three-foot by eight-foot enclosure for him, which I hope to put a small living tree in.”

2016 is looking pretty good.

[Images via Imgur/Reddit.]

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