A squirrel broke into this woman’s home, and she totally could not deal

Typically, the sight of a stray animal tugs on our heartstrings. But then there are those unruly ones without even a modicum of civility that absolutely terrify us by making uninvited appearances on our own turf. Case in point: This rogue squirrel that broke into a woman’s home and scared the living crap out of her.

Although we’ve seen some pretty flattering pictures of squirrels, we gotta say this type of behavior isn’t a good look for the furry animals as a whole. Like, if a squirrel can eat almond butter with a fork, then what’s up with this one barging into a stranger’s house uninvited?

Seriously, who raised this wild animal?

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Oh, yeah. Other wild animals.

So, we suppose that explains why a squirrel burst into this home to convince the human occupants that it actually had a right to be there.

To show you just how cocky this squirrel is, it wasn’t even fazed by the presence of the family dog. It just sat there chillin’ like an unwanted roommate, that is, until the lady of the house noticed it and started to scream her head off.

Instead of behaving like a well-mannered animal and cowering in the corner at the sight of strange human faces, this bold squirrel blew past the dog and the guy who discovered it, and proceeded to sprint throughout the house.


OMG. Looks like the naughty animal escaped unscathed, but we’re more concerned about how the terrified woman will ever be able to overcome her obvious fear of squirrels.