We’d break any code to get into this insanely detailed spy-themed bar

There’s nothing like a cool speakeasy, but this London bar takes it to the next level by requiring customers to solve a code to receive drinks.

The bar is called The Bletchley and is inspired by Bletchley Park, a site for British codebreakers in World War II. It was where mathematician Alan Turing and his team helped defeat the Germans by deciphering Nazi Enigma code. If you saw Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game, you’re way ahead of us. As any good codebreaker should be.

The bar officially opened in February, but is drawing buzz for its creative concept.

There is no menu, and visitors are required to sit at a cipher machine. They can then uncover a code to create a cocktail recipe specific to each person. Customers are even asked to get into character with an array of costumes, and are given specific agent names.

After uncovering their drink, they phone it in with a radio transistor. Then they are given the recipe to take home with them.

It’s not surprising Instagram has gone nuts with people revealing their special concoctions from this spy-themed wonderland.


Check out this awesome video by Business Insider UK to see how it all works:

The creators of Bletchley are also the brains behind a Breaking Bad bar featured in London in 2015. Last year, they launched London’s first “naked restaurant,” the Bunyadi, where diners fully disrobe for their supper. 

Not sure about the naked restaurant, but we’re ready to cross the pond to crack codes.