Rejoice! The Apple Watch is coming to a mobile store near you

If an Apple Watch is on your must-have list this fall, you are in luck. Not only will the tech tool be available at Best Buy at the end of the month — Sprint stores will also be selling the gadget. That’s right, no waiting in crazy lines at Apple Stores for you.

The Apple Watch will be available at Sprint on September 25. That’s this Friday, people! If you’re not a Sprint customer, don’t worry. AT&T and T-Mobile are also expected to sell the watch on the 25th.

The Apple Watch craze is nothing short of intense. It’s been making a lot of waves since being announced, and although pro reviews have been positive, many people have made it a symbol of Apple more broadly, using it as a jumping off point for long-form pieces about the future of tech in The New Yorker and Wired

According to the Apple website, you can, “Receive and respond to notifications in an instant. Track your daily activity. Control your music using only your voice. Pay for groceries just like that.” All with a little gadget on your wrist! Real talk: we’re basically all James Bond at this point.

It’s is just one of a few exciting goodies being released by Apple ahead of the holiday season. On Friday the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will also be released, and yes, you can get them through Sprint as well.

(Image via Apple)