Spring Dapper Day at Disneyland is oh-so-sophisticated

This weekend, Disneyland and California Adventure celebrated spring Dapper Day. Twice a year at Disney Parks around the world, guests are invited to spend the day at Disney in “sophisticated style from yesterday and today.” Meaning? Put on your cutest outfit, whether it’s vintage or modern, and enjoy a day at the happiest/most magical place on earth. Walt Disney World in Orlando celebrated its spring Dapper Day in mid-April and this weekend (both Saturday and Sunday), West Coast Disney lovers got their chance to dress up for a day at the parks.

The people behind Dapper Day even upped the stakes by hosting a Dapper Day expo, complete with live music, dance lessons, and some pretty incredible photo ops. Here are some of our favorite looks from the day:

These people who took full advantage of the adorable Dapper Airlines backdrop at the expo: 

These ladies who crushed the group costume game: 

These people who subtly dressed as (very dapper) Disney characters: 

These people who expertly posed with Disney characters: 

This girl who dressed as a Dapper Stormtrooper:

This lady with a perfect Haunted Mansion-themed look: 

This Dapper dude: 

This awesome lady who used master filtering skills to make her Dapper Day pic look legitimately vintage: 

These adorable kids who we just can’t get over: 

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