#Spread, It’s Not In The Refrigerator

This WOTW comes with a recipe! Spread, if you have never been to YA/prison/jail, is a special “soup” made with a base of Ramen Noodles and anything else you have in your possession. While locked up, inmates usually make Spread with items purchased from the canteen or received in a care package. There are entire websites devoted to prison food and Spread seems to be one of the few meals that people will still prepare once released. While “awaySpread can be prepared as sort of a pot luck. People will agree to pool their resources to create one large Spread for everyone to share.

There is a great article that explains the variations and creative ways people make the best of what that have. Without a stove or refrigerator you can get creative:

“One inmate from the article I read does a take on Thai noodles by extract peanut oil from his peanut butter at lunch, and mixing it with Ramen noodles, leftover vegetables or meat and hot sauce. Another prisoner’s going-down-south-spread involves pork rinds, beef sticks, jalapeno pretzel sticks and Cheese Crunchies ground together and served with Top Ramen.”


MmmMmm hungry yet?

So Spread has become main streamed by people returning home, making Spread, and sharing it with their friends, families, and kids who then do the same.

So next time you are looking for a late night snack, try Spread…or don’t.


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