The English dessert known as “spotted dick” has been renamed “spotted Richard” for this very LOL reason

Let’s face it: We’ve all been 12 years old in the grocery store, giggling about the can of “spotted dick” we saw on the shelf. But has the funny, mildly vulgar-sounding name of this British dessert crossed over into offensive territory? Apparently, some members of the United Kingdom’s parliament might think so, and this has required a slight name change for the popular custard.

According to The Telegraph, spotted dick has been renamed “spotted Richard” in Strangers’ Dining Room, a restaurant where members of parliament often entertain their guests. “Spotted Richard” was chosen because it’s less likely to cause controversy (and giggles) when the dessert is ordered or served. But so far, it seems to be having the opposite effect. After all, wouldn’t you laugh if someone tried to give you spotted Richard instead of spotted dick? Come on, guys. This is comedic gold.

And just in case you’re wondering what “spotted dick” actually is, it’s a pudding made with dried fruit and topped with custard. Pretty tame considering its name, right?

Now that the name change is in effect at Strangers’ Dining Room, people who have visited the eatery are speaking out about it on Twitter, and nobody really seems to believe that this is at all necessary.

And if these tweets weren’t enough, Andrea Jenkyns, a conservative member of parliament (the same one who shared the tweet above), also told The Telegraph that she couldn’t help but laugh when a waiter offered her a “slice of spotted Richard,” and another MP, Michael Fabricant, simply said, “call a dick a dick, I say!” Wow, Fabricant. Don’t hold back!

Either name is definitely going to elicit a few smirks, so why not just embrace the OG name? Don’t be embarrassed to order spotted dick (or Richard, if you prefer) if you’re visiting the U.K. It sounds like you definitely won’t be the only one laughing.