Find out what you listened to most in 2015 with Spotify’s Year in Music

‘Tis the season! No, not the season of snow and lights (that too), but the season of an infinite amount of “Best Of” type articles to be published all over the Internet. And Spotify isn’t one to miss out on the fun. This year, Spotify has given us a way to measure the music we listened to non-stop (or close to) in 2015, so put your headphones on and get ready to listen to your very own “best of,” Spotify edition.

The “Year in Music” tool analyzes all of your streaming data over the course of 2015. It starts out with your first song the new year, naturally mine was “Paranoid Android” by Radiohead, because what says “fresh start” more than brooding over your favorite song?

It follows up with your top five most listened to artists, albums, tracks, and genres. This is when you probably realize that your two most played artists and albums are Steely Dan and the Empire soundtrack, and the fact that that is completely OK.

Finally, they give you your total minutes, artists, and tracks that you listened to.

Need more? Spotify even lets you know your favorite artists for each season, from Caribou in the winter to Melanie Martinez in the summer, they’ve got you covered.

Not only does it cover your personal “year in review” but it also covers the social landscape of the past year. From the legalization of same-sex marriage in the US to the #blacklivesmatter movement, Spotify has curated playlists for each of the most notable stories of 2015.

The best Spotify gift of all? Here it is: “Play it Forward” is a custom playlist full of tracks that you’ll love, based on your 2015 listening. Follow that playlist and find a bunch of new artists to discover throughout all of 2016. Trust me, it’s pretty spot on.

Whether your top-played artist was Drake, like the rest of Spotify, or B*Witched, like no one (if this is your most played artist I want to be your friend, BTW), Spotify wants you to know that there is a perfect playlist out there for everyone.

(Images via Spotify)