Singles Are Begging for a Version of Spotify Wrapped for Dating Apps

Someone, please, invent this function so we know how many unsolicited fish pics we saw this year.

It’s that time of year — and no, we don’t mean the start of the holiday season. By now your social media feeds are flooded with Spotify Wrapped content, and while reviewing our favorite tracks and getting personality insight is quirky but useful information, many are calling for a new kind of year-in-review — for their dating app history.

The revolutionary streaming music app developed their Spotify Wrapped campaign back in 2016, and the yearly roundup of your personal playlist has evolved into way more than just a few favorite songs.

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Users get a peek at their musical data, which includes a cumulative amount of minutes they listened to in a year, what their most-played genres break down to (what even is Irreverent Pop Synth, anyway?), and even cheeky enneagrams to decode your musical personality.

If this kind of info can be pulled from music alone, imagine what we’d discover about ourselves from Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and more?

“I think we need Spotify Wrapped for dating apps,” tweeted investor a16z investor Justine Moore. “You swiped on 54 guys named Josh, 78 finance bros, and 13 people holding a fish.”

Twitter user @omgskr also made a very relatable breakdown for what a Dating apps “wrapped” would include — totally normal behaviors like screenshotting cringe profiles, rage deleting and re-downloading apps, and *so many* fish pics.

Of course, creative types can certainly make their own Dating Wrapped content. Comedian Grace Hayes went viral in 2020 after posting her self-made Bumble Wrapped on TikTok. It was so popular that Bumble themselves left a comment: “This is AMAZING. Inspiring us 😏😏”

TikTok user Niko Draca also shared a DIY Hinge Wrapped profile that he made for a friend. We’re happy to know we’re not the only ones sliding into DMs at 2am…

Until a function like this exists, you can use existing Spotify Wrapped playlists to your relationship advantage.

Take this brilliant tip from TikTok user @cobiscreation, who suggests noting what your crush’s top artists are, and keeping them on hand for opportune moments when you can play their favorite tracks in their presence and instantly win their heart.

It could potentially backfire, though. When Twitter user @xpatriciah dated a Swiftie, she didn’t realize how much the mega pop star would influence her life. “Long enough to catapult Taylor Swift into my third most listened to artist despite not actively listening to her at all the entire year before,” she explained.

It seems like Spotify may be hot on the scent. A new post on Instagram shares a list of recommended tracks for those “Going Through a Breakup,” based on their Listening Personality Type. Tracks include his from TLC, Frank Ocean, and Doja Cat.


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