Spotify is now letting us know which tracks are going viral

The rise of digital streaming has led to a lot of changes, but the biggest one of all: Streaming services can tell when a song is about to hit it big. Nowhere is this clearer than on Spotify, which has entire browsing sections dedicated just to up-and-coming music. Now, the app is further highlighting its most viral tracks every week. Let’s check out last week’s most viral American hits:

1. Owen Bones — “Stuntman (feat. Kevin Abstract & Mick Jenkins)”

This glitchy rap track is essentially an ode to doing it big, which probably plays into its popularity.

2. Emmit Fenn — “Painting Greys”

Fenn’s stripped down track evolves into something bolder and bigger; it’s not a surprise that this song is gaining in popularity.

3. Fifth Harmony — “Work from Home”

Fifth Harmony’s ode to work, working it, and a partner who can’t seem to stay home is probably the only “mainstream” song to land on this list — meaning we won’t be able to escape it this summer.

4. Awae — “Hold Me – Original Version”

This woozy track is perfect for contemplative or zoned out listening, which might explain part of its appeal.

5. JCMBL — “Firestone vs. Thinking Out Loud – JCMBL Mashup”

Weirdly enough, I couldn’t access this song on Spotify, but this Kygo/Ed Sheeran audio baby clearly has legs.

6. Win and Woo — “Burn Fast (Win & Woo Remix)”

A slow-burn (irony!) dance track. Notable mostly for its name listing — can something be formally remixed by its original artist? In fact, no; Bryce Fox is the original artist.

7. Madeintyo — “Uber Everywhere”

This rather flat rap track is probably trending because of its of-its-moment name (and a Travis Scott remix); we’re pretty sure “Lyft Everywhere” wouldn’t do quite as well.

8. Matt Maltese — “Even If It’s a Lie – Demo”

I’m surprised to hear this super-stripped back demo on this list, but that’s pretty exciting. Spotify is clearly connecting people with truly up-and-coming artists.

9. Penthouse & Maribelle — “About U”

This slinky R&B jam is probably the standout track on the list, and seems the one most likely to get a real boost from this viral roundup.

10. Miguel — “waves – Tame Impala Remix”

Miguel’s EP of “Waves” remixes has some truly standout features (including a twangy country version courtesy of Kacey Musgraves), but it seems listeners are really connecting to Tame Impala’s woozy take.

Spotify calculated this list based on collecting information from various social networks, dividing the number of people who shared a song by the number who listened to it. For a list at the UK’s most viral tracks, as well as the top rising tracks globally, check out the full list here.