Spotify stands with Ahmed, offering a supportive playlist

If you missed the story of Ahmed Mohamed, a primer: The 14-year-old black, Muslim teen who brought a homemade clock to school to show his teacher was arrested under suspicion of creating and bringing a bomb to school. While the school still defends its decision, the story took over social media and later traditional news, with many people rightly pointing out that 1) Mohamed had almost definitely singled out because of his religion, and 2) that the fact that the school didn’t evacuate and call a bomb squad suggests that administrators wanted to shame him more than actually take his not-actual bomb threat seriously.

In the wake of the story, everyone from President Obama to NASA scientists (Mohamed had been arrested while wearing a NASA shirt) has reached out to the young man, while #IStandWithAhmed has started conversations around Islamophobia and American education systems. Spotify has since jumped in as the latest company throwing their support for Mohamed with a playlist titled simply “For Ahmed.”

Featuring songs by Daft Punk, Outkast, Katy Perry, Queen, and John Legend (and also, um, Coldplay’s “Clocks”), “For Ahmed” is a mix of thoughtful and inspirational music, pretty great for Mohamed and every other kid out there who’s had their passions challenged or criminalized based on bigoted thinking. Here’s hoping he jams out to these tunes while he’s busy visiting NASA, the White House, and as one writer put it, stunting on his haters.

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