Spotify is testing a cheaper plan for couples and roommates, and this is way better than sharing your password

Spotify recently announced that it was giving away free Hulu subscriptions to Spotify Premium members, and now the music listening app has come up with an even cheaper alternative to its Premium subscription: Spotify Duo. Spotify Duo is basically two Premium accounts for the low price of €12.49 ($14). The program is currently in the testing phase in Colombia, Chile, Denmark, Ireland, and Poland. If it’s a success, we just might get this option stateside, too.

According to Engadget, Spotify Duo is only available to people who live together, so it’s best for couples, roommates, or any housemates who don’t need the five accounts that come with the Spotify Family Plan. The Duo package gives each person their own account with bonuses like the Duo Mix playlist—which includes your friend’s favorite songs—and the ability to share your library of saved music with the other person.

It sounds like Spotify is specifically targeting friends and lovers who share their Spotify password with the other person. One of the biggest drawbacks to sharing your Spotify password with someone is that only one person can use the app at a time. The workaround for this hiccup has been to download Spotify songs and listen to the music in offline mode while the other person is on the app. But if one Spotify Premium account in the U.S. is $9.99, an extra four bucks a month for Spotify Duo is worth it to have your own separate accounts.

But alas, this is currently only testing in the aforementioned European markets, so let’s hope Spotify Duo crosses over the Atlantic soon.