Sporty Spice sang “Too Much” and made all our nostalgia dreams come true

Breaking news: the meaning of life is Sporty Spice’s recent cover of “Too Much.”

On today’s Chris Evans Breakfast Show for BBC Radio 2, Spice Girl Melanie C performed the 1997 tune – and simultaneously gave us the best holiday gift we’ve ever received. Even though she was by herself, she perfectly tackled every note and subsequently made us hum along to the blissful melody of nostalgia. Plus, we have to mention that her natural vocals are musically stunning, especially when backed by acoustic instruments.

It’s also safe to say that Sporty Spice isn’t one to give up on a song she’s sang loads of times — the singer embraced the song with so much emotion and heart that you’d think this was her first time singing it.

Thanks to her #flawless performance, we were brought back to the exact moment when we first watched the group’s 1997 film Spice World. If you remember correctly, this iconic song was played during the movie’s opening and has since been played in our beautiful, beautiful memories.

Now, since we like to read into anything that could signify a potential Spice Girls reunion, let’s analyze this situation. First of all, what’s up with Mel C being asked to sing this song in the middle of December? Is this a publicity stunt, one that’s meant to prepare us for an impending reunion?

What’s even more interesting (read: suspicious) is that Scary Spice had this to say when she appeared on The Meredith Vieira Show in September: “There’s nothing to really spill because nothing has been announced, nothing’s official. I mean, yes, we are in talks because it’s our 20th anniversary. And I want something to happen. I’m forcing them a little bit, but yeah. I’ve been saying it for five years, ‘We are reuniting. We are, aren’t we?’”

Since Mel C’s cover undoubtedly has magical properties, let’s hope it will bring our fave girl group back together once more.

[Image via BBC Radio 2 video]

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